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By advertising on Dean Classifieds, you agree to:

A. Be nice.

  1. Please conduct yourself appropriately and use these resources positively for the benefit of all. Dean International is committed to this policy, and in return we require it of you. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages.
  2. Illegal conduct, profane/vulgar language, inappropriate discussion, etc., are violations of this policy. Such violations will be removed, and can result in immediate dismissal from Dean Classifieds. Profanity includes the use of other characters (like @#$%) or blanks to edit out all or part of the word. Acronyms that stand for profanities are also inappropriate.
  3. In addition, any posting on the classifieds system that is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, invasive of another's privacy or hateful, etc. will be removed. Abusing the system in this way will result in revocation of your privileges and/or dismissal. As an advertiser, you are also encouraged to report inappropriate listings to rdean@flymiami.com. If you are the recipient of inappropriate message(s), please report the message(s) to the same email address.
  4. Moderators may alter or remove any listing or user at any time for any reason.
  5. Dean Classified administrators have full discretion regarding what is deemed appropriate.

B. Respect administrator decisions.

  1. Your classifieds adminstrators take the content of this website seriously. They sincerely strive for students, renters, and advertisers to have the best experience possible. Administrators are careful, fair and approachable. Please contact our head adminsitrator at rdean@flymiami.com with any complaint or concern and they will work with you to address the problem.
  2. The administrators' job is to uphold the integrity and purpose of Dean Classifieds. Neither Dean International nor the administrators are obligated to endure name-calling, bashing, slander, belligerence or rudeness. Members who violate this rule may be moderated or expelled from the system. Please understand that the administrators' decisions are final.

C. Never respond to inflammatory/inappropriate posts.

  1. Any post that is against the rules is considered inappropriate and will be dealt with by an administrator. If you encounter an inappropriate post, simply ignore this post and notify a moderator at rdean@flymiami.com. They will take appropriate action.
  2. Responding to inflammatory/inappropriate posts only brings them to the top of the listings, which draws more attention to them. Please avoid this.

D. Use appropriate grammar and etiquette.

  1. Make an effort to employ correct grammar and usage. Students and renters will often respond better to listings that convey the message concisely and correctly.
  2. Avoid using all capital letters in your posts. Your listing will not be any more relevant to the student in all caps.
  3. Wherever possible, please avoid using excessive abbreviations and "netspeak." Using full words will enable all users to understand your message.
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