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At Dean International we've worked with students from around the world, helping to build their careers as commercial pilots. We understand the challenges students face learning the initial flight licenses. That's why we've customized our programs to meet your needs:

  • Finish quickly: with our large fleet of over 40 aircraft, we have the capacity to have you finish in under 8 months
  • Competitive prices: because of the large size of our school, we can offer you some of the lowest prices on the market
  • Safety is our number one priority. We prepare our students for emergency situations, and teach them to abide by the FAA's regulations.
  • Location: because of the ideal weather in Miami, FL you can train year-round
  • Need help with English? We offer English training programs.
  • Housing and transportation is provided as an option

Program Specifications

Receive your private, instrument, single engine commercial and multiengine commercial licenses in under 8 months for only:

  • $36,283.00 with a Cessna 152 and Piper Seneca; or,
  • $38,978.00 with a Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca

The candidate will receive the following flight hours:

  • Private
  • 50 Hours Dual
  • 10 Hours Solo/PIC

  • Instrument
  • 20 Hours Dual
  • 100 Hours Solo/PIC
  • 20 Hours Simulator

  • Commercial
  • 21 Hours Dual
  • 13 Hours Solo/PIC

  • Multi-Engine
  • 15 Hours Dual

  • Checkride
  • 5 Hours Checkride Time

Total Time - 254 Hours

International Student Pilot Health Insurance

International Student Pilot Health Insurance

Dean is pleased to offer our International Student Pilots Health Insurance under our Group Policy to cover your Health Requirements for the Visa. This coverage provides health coverage for any qualified medical treatment exclusive of a pre-existing condition. The benefits are also covered while training in aircraft without any passengers on board under the Adventure Sports Rider. A benefit for death and dismemberment is included as a regular emergency including return of mortal remains. The policy provides a Maximum Benefit of $ 500,000 with 0 Deductible. Please review the International Medical Group’s Patriot Group Travel Medical Coverage Policy by clicking on the following link:

View Insurance Policy

The cost is approximately USD 696.00 for Enrollment in the 18-29 Age Bracket for 8 months of coverage. Additional Months can be added as an additional student cost provided that there has been no lapse in coverage. This would need to prepaid and approved prior to your arrival in the states. You can rest assured this insurance will provide you piece of mind during your stay.

Please add $696.00 to cover your Visa Health Requirements with your payment. Any difference of the actual cost amount will be collected or refunded upon arrival.

Pricing and Payments

Total cost to the student will be $$36,283.00 USD. Students may substitute the Cessna 152 with a Cessna 172 for an additional charge of $2,695.00 bringing the total cost of training to $38,978.00.

The candidate pays $200 USD for SEVIS and Visa Application fees directly to the US Embassy. This fee is not included in the program.

The candidate is required to pay a minimum of $9,350 USD for flight training upon arrival to Miami, Florida to Dean International. Flight training installment payments will be as follows:

Second month - $6,733.25 (C-152) / $7,407.00 (C-172)
Third month - $6,733.25 (C-152) / $7,407.00 (C-172)
Fourth month - $6,733.25 (C-152) / $7,407.00 (C-172)
Fifth month - $6,733.25 (C-152) / $7,407.00 (C-172)

The training period for the professional pilot training program is eight months and may be completed in five months.

The candidate has the option of staying in Dean International’s partner businesses that provide housing and transportation. Information about housing and transportation will be provided. However, payments and policies established by these companies are independent from Dean International.

The rental fee prices are subject to change based on current fuel prices. If for any reason fuel prices go higher than $5.95 USD a gallon, the candidate will be required to pay a fuel surcharge.

Some students require more training than what is outlined in the training proposal. Any additional training costs including more flight hours or ground time than is quoted must be paid outside of the program costs.

The FAA Professional Pilot Program w/ CPLSEME.

FAA Professional Pilot Program PIC Cessna 152 Cessna 172
VFR/IFR Charts
Airport Facility Directory
Oral Exam Guides (PPL/Inst./Comm.)
Jeppessen Private Kit
Jeppessen Instrument/Commercial Kit
Cessna 152 POH
Multi Engine POH (Loaned on premises only)
First Class Medical
TSA Processing/Shipping
Private, Instrument & Commercial Written
4 Practical Exams
100 Hours Ground School
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (private)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (instrument)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (commercial)
5 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (Multi)
50 Hours C-152 (Dual)      
10 Hours C-152 (Solo) 10    
100 Hours C-152 (Crew Time) 50    
20 Hours C-152 (Dual IFR)      
20 Hours Simulator PCATD (Dual)      
12 Hours Dual Commercial Training
(12 Hours PIC)
10 Hours Piper Arrow
(Includes Checkride)
15 Hours Dual Multi Training      
8 Hour Solo Cross Country 8    
5 Hour Solo Night Flight 5    
2 Hours Day Dual      
2 Hours Night Dual      
8 Hours Single-Engine Checkride 8    
Administrative and Registration Fees
I-20 Processing Fee/Shipping
TOTALS 110 $36,283.00 $38,978.00
Simulator     20.0
Solo Flight Hours
(Included in Total Flight Hours)
PIC     110.0
Total Flight Hours     254.0


Total with Cessna 152
$34,401.00* USD

Total with Cessna 172
$36,949.00* USD

* This is not a guaranteed price. These prices are based on an average student. Students requiring additional flight or ground time will be charged according to the pre-established rates. Training hours are estimates based on pilot proficiency. Additional training hours will be charged at the hourly fee.

** Prices are Subject to change. Current prices are based on a $5.95 per gallon fuel charge. Any increase in fuel beyond this price will result in a fuel surcharge.

*** Any redo’s of I-20’s will be $200. (Not included in program price.)

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