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Welcome to beautiful Miami, Florida. The weather here is excellent for flying about 90% of the year. Dean International has been in business since 1991, and was incorporated in April of 1994. Since then, it has trained over 7000 pilots worldwide.

Dean International offers training for candidates who wish to fly for Saudi airlines. Our Professional Saudi Airline Program meets all minimum Saudi requirements and hours. Successful completion of this program will also earn you the necessary FAA ratings.

Dean International is an FAA Approved 141 flight school and is approved to issue visas for foreign students. FAR Part 61 programs are also available.

Program Pricing & Length

Our academy offers low, competitive pricing on single-engine and multi-engine airplane programs running from Private to Multi Commercial ratings. (Even with other costs included, our training is generally more affordable than training at another school.) Pricing includes all flight exams, written exams, books, and other study materials. Beware of academies with high prices. These prices are usually attributed to new aircraft and high overheads. These schools often end up bankrupt, and you may run the risk of losing your invested time and money. Dean International has ended up helping to train and certify students from these schools, including Air India cadets.

Our Professional Saudi Airline Program can generally be completed within six (6) months for dedicated candidates. However, some exceptional candidates have been able to complete the program in as little as four (4) months. Pricing for the program is based on the average student, and may be higher if additional flight or ground instruction is necessary. Again, this depends on the student's ability and dedication.


Dean International has a large fleet of Cessna 152's and 172's, as well as Piper Arrows, Piper Senecas, one Beechcraft Duchess, one Piper Seminole, one Cessna 182, and one Cessna 172SP with a G1000 glass cockpit.

  1. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and approved by the FAA for 141 FAR PART 61 Professional Programs.
  2. We also offer Aerobatic Training for those who wish to sharpen their flying skills. This is performed in Aerobatic airplanes with very highly experienced aerobatic instructors.

Admission Instructions

To learn more about our admission process, or to apply for a visa, please visit our visa application page.


Dean International offers various convenient housing and transportation packages. Please contact Elisa Dean at for more details.

If you are interested in renting a car for your stay in Miami, the suggested rental service for our flight school is America's Best Car Rentals. For more information, please contact them at 305-871-1100.

International Student Pilot Health Insurance

International Student Pilot Health Insurance

Dean is pleased to offer our International Student Pilots Health Insurance under our Group Policy to cover your Health Requirements for the Visa. This coverage provides health coverage for any qualified medical treatment exclusive of a pre-existing condition. The benefits are also covered while training in aircraft without any passengers on board under the Adventure Sports Rider. A benefit for death and dismemberment is included as a regular emergency including return of mortal remains. The policy provides a Maximum Benefit of $ 500,000 with 0 Deductible. Please review the International Medical Group’s Patriot Group Travel Medical Coverage Policy by clicking on the following link:

View Insurance Policy

The cost is approximately USD 696.00 for Enrollment in the 18-29 Age Bracket for 8 months of coverage. Additional Months can be added as an additional student cost provided that there has been no lapse in coverage. This would need to prepaid and approved prior to your arrival in the states. You can rest assured this insurance will provide you piece of mind during your stay.

Please add $696.00 to cover your Visa Health Requirements with your payment. Any difference of the actual cost amount will be collected or refunded upon arrival.

The program includes...

  • Headsets
  • VFR/IFR Charts
  • Airport/Facility Directory
  • Oral Exam Guides (PPL/Instrument/Commercial)
  • Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit
  • Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Kit
  • Cessna 152 or 172 POH
  • Multi-Engine POH (Loan on Premises Only)
  • First-Class Medical
  • TSA Processing/Shipping
  • 3 Written Tests (Private, Inst., Commercial)
  • 3 Practical Exams
  • 100 Hours of Ground School
  • 30 Hours of Pre- and Post-Flight Briefing (Private)
  • 30 Hours of Pre- and Post-Flight Briefing (Instrument)
  • 30 Hours of Pre- and Post-Flight Briefing (Commercial)
  • 20 Hours of Pre- & Post-Flight Briefing (Multi)
  • 40 Hours C-152 or C-172 (Dual)
  • 10 Hours C-152 or C-172 (Solo)
  • 175 Hours C-152 or C-172 (Crew Time)
  • 20 Hours C-152 or C-172 (Dual IFR)
  • 25 Hours of Dual Multi Training
  • Administration & Registration Fees
  • I-20 Processing Fee**
  • 1.5 Hours Multi Checkride


Total Flight Hours - 270
Solo Flight Hours - 23
Pilot-In-Command Hours - 205

Total with Cessna 152
$33,750.00* USD

Total with Cessna 172
$36,280.00* USD

* This is not a guaranteed price. These prices are based on an average student. Students requiring additional flight or ground time will be charged according to the pre-established rates. Current prices are based on a $5.95 per gallon fuel charge. Any increase in fuel beyond this price will result in a fuel surcharge.

** I-20's that lapse will cost an additional $200 per remake. Please note that I-20 remakes are not included in the package.

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