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Located just 60 miles from Miami, and 120 miles northwest of Nassau, the Bimini Islands are the nearest of the Bahamian islands. Bimini was first settled in 1848 and became famous during the 1930s Prohibition Era when the island was used as a storage ground for Florida rum-runners. Bimini, today is considered by many to be the fishing capital of the world. In addition, it offers excellent scuba diving (including around shipwrecks), great shallow water snorkeling, and beautiful beaches. Other notable places to visit are the former home of Ernest Hemingway and the Bimini Bay Resort.
Nassau, the capital of the Commonwealth, occupies the north-eastern segment of New Providence. It is considered by many to be the crossroads of the Bahamas, with most Out Island resorts lying within a 150-mile radius. Ranking among the world's top resort cities, Nassau mixes the cosmopolitan nightlife of a modern city (casinos, discos, nightclubs, and lavish hotels) with the elegance of a colonial past. Visiting tourists will enjoy walking the historical streets, riding on horseback, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, golfing, playing a game of tennis, parasailing and much more!
Freeport and the Grand Bahamas just barely seconds Nassau in terms of tourism. With many luxury hotels, and a host of diversified activities and sports, including two casinos, and a 65-shop international bazaar, one can easily observe why many tourists enjoy this destination. Excellent diving, snorkeling and great beaches are only 83 miles away from Miami. Believe us, this trip is well worth it!
The Abacos, Eleuthera, Crooked, Inagua, and Exuma Islands, as well as Cat Island, Mayaguana Island, and San Salvador (where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492), are all part of the Bahamian Out Islands. Most of these islands are just a short flight away from Nassau. All of them have the capacity to accept air traffic with good asphalt runways. (Some are even made with compacted coral!) Some of the best diving sites in the world are located in these islands. Combine all of this with great snorkeling and fishing, along with a totally relaxed atmosphere, and you have yourself a very relaxing vacation destination! There are over thirty airports to visit, extending South to the Turks and Caicos Islands (UK).

A few reminders to students flying to the Bahamas and abroad...

1. Filling out and submitting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security eAPIS form is mandatory by law in the United States. For more information, and to submit the form online, please visit the eAPIS website here.

2. As per Dean International's policies, night flying is NOT allowed at will under Dean International’s rental terms. Night flying is ONLY permitted with the express written permission of Robert Dean or Wesley Brady. You are explicitly prohibited from flying at night in the Bahamas or beyond any of Florida’s coastal regions.

3. As per Dean International's policies, rentals for flights to the Bahamas are charged at 5-hours per day, regardless of actual time flown. Dean International prohibits flights to the Bahamas without having at least 1000 hours of flight experience and a commercial pilot license with an instrument rating. Renters are required to carry aircraft renter’s insurance for all Bahamas rentals.

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