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Single-Engine Time Building Program (100 hours)

100 hours of Single-Engine Flight Time

Dean International offers convenient packages for students wishing to purchase large blocks of flight time. Our time-building package includes 100 hours of rental in one of three styles of Cessna planes. (The rental rates for this package are discounted. See below.) Students interested in finding nearby accommodations may research this information on Craigslist by clicking on this link. (For popular recommendations, please read the information below.) Students interested in rental cars or bus schedules, please refer to the information on the right.

Cessna 172 Time-Building Program

Hours Hourly Rate Subtotal
Flight Time 100 $98.00/hour $9,800.00
Tax (7.0%) $686.00
Approximate Total $10,486.00

Cessna 152 Time-Building Program

Hours Hourly Rate Subtotal
Flight Time 100 $83.00/hour $8,300.00
Tax (7.0%) $581.00
Approximate Total $8,881.00

Multiengine Time Building Program (100 hours)

100 hours + Multi-Engine Rating
(including 10 hours of dual)

Dean International offers a multi-engine time building program that consists of 100 hours of flight time in your choice of available multi-engine aircraft. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest FAA standards by our own maintenance facility, so you can be assured that your choice of aircraft is in good hands.

To participate in our program, a 5-hour checkout and ground school with one of our multi-engine rated instructors is required. These five hours of flight time may be used as a part of the 100-hour block. In addition, a non-refundable $500 deposit is required, which can be applied to your total program price. When participating in our program, safety pilots may log PIC under FAA Regulations FAR 61.51 and 91.109.

In order to participate in this program, two pilots must register for it.

Dean International accepts many popular payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks (including cashier checks), and cash. The package price is to be paid off in full upon starting the program.

** Each pilot requires at least an FAA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with an Instrument Rating (IR) in order to participate in this program.


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